Sunday, March 15, 2009

fairies at the bottom of the garden

The pottery teacher suggested this - making a special place in the garden for all the pottery offerings that come home. There is simply NO space left on the shelf for three years worth of production! The girls had such fun putting it all together -but of course we have had to cordon it off to stop the dogs tearing through. Will have to see how it weathers the winter rains...

i have your number

I have wanted to make these mosaic house numbers for SO LONG. In fact for the last 8 years -ever since we moved into this house. AND FINALLY two weeks ago I was able to source the right materials (namely the numbers) -and of course then it was done in about a week as I obsessively needed to finish the project. We didn't even screw them on -the Husband mixed up some epoxy and I think the wall will crumble before these ever come off. I simply love coming home now just so that i can admire them!! The flowers on my verge are finished now after the hot summer, so I will photo it again in spring when you can see the blue and yellow flowers on my verge (the inspiration for the colours).