Monday, December 2, 2013

oh joy

Last week this official looking package arrived for me to collect...

inside was this lovely package...

inside that were some more lovely packages...

and inside that were these darling crocheted decorations..

and beautifully embroidered hoop.

Thanks Joy for my stunning parcel of joyfulness!
And thanks Marianne for organizing the swap.
Can't wait for next year..
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  1. Oh you are soooo sweet Leeanne! It was such a lovely and uplifting surprise for me to see your post - you did such a lovely job of it and I'm so happy that you are happy with your Christmas goodies - enjoy them! Love and hugs, Joy xo

  2. Joy indeed. I got mine today and it made me so happy. I will be sharing mine at Three Stories High this week. I really enjoyed the swap. Jo x

  3. A bundle of joy indeed! Lucky girl you, these are so sweet. Now just remember to keep them out and take them up the coast with you!
    Going to post about my lovely swap decs today too :-)

  4. Such gorgeous handmade goodies! I am so glad you have enjoyed the swap.
    Marianne x

  5. How absolutely gorgeous, these are lovely decorations.

  6. Getting mail is the best :) especially when its filled with hand made goodies.

  7. What lovely gifts to receive from the lovely joy. I've just read joys post about your gorgeous goodies and also just found out that you're a fellow sef African. I am definitely planning on spending a bit more time here in the future. Where about in SA do you live?? Xx

  8. Eek just read its CPT, which part?? Xx


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