Friday, December 12, 2008

I do..

Well, I am going to try and add photos this time. As soon as i work out how to do this -i may consider trying to make this a regular blog. Think i may have an idea...lets see...

...WHOOOPEE DO! did it! Nothing like clicking a box to sort out all you problems! Anyway -this was just a random image i chose (before I worked out eh thumbnails view) but am going to keep it for sentiment sake as the first ever photo added. This was from Carlie's wedding -Gail made all the table decorations and we helped set up -about 8 hours work!!! Luckily i earned mega brownie points in the process. It was all worth it though -Carlie was simply beautiful and the Bobbin took her job as flower girl very seriously (and loved the limelight).

Well getting the photos posted is a major hurdle overcome -but have no idea how to make them come after the text. A project for another night. Off to go and look at Christmas lights now..

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