Monday, September 9, 2013


I made my first fabric canvas. Fabric+gesso= easy!

Then stitched some off cuts to make new paper
This is really fun!

Then back to the trusty Cricut.

I think the background is  a bit busy for the cutout..

and it needs a strong contrasting background.

Maybe this bird looks better on the blue?
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  1. What a great technique it's very beautiful.

  2. Gosh you do some interesting stuff Leeanne - I'm very impressed!
    I also think the bird looks nice on the blue! And what a beautiful bird - lovely work!
    Joy x

  3. Clever! I think it looks beautiful on the blue background xx

  4. Clever! I think it looks beautiful on the blue background. x

  5. Snap...I made some canvas as well. Piece of sheeting and some primer slapped on and that's as far as I've got! Your little bird looks nice. I like it both non the contrast fabric and the blue which is a very pretty shade.

  6. The birds look stunning, and it looks like you had a lot of fun creating the paper in the first place.

  7. That looks like a messy process but fascinating. What is the machine? will be good to see the finished thing - I like the yellow background for the bird!

    1. Hi the machine is a Cricut and basically is an computer cutter. Best thing I ever bought and have found SO many fun things to do with it over the years. Have settled for the yellow background too!


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