Sunday, September 8, 2013

in stitches

Joining up here as I thought it would be a good motivation to finally try and finish the quilt I started years some time ago.

Think I am the worlds slowest embroiderer..but small steps..
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  1. What a gorgeous quilt, I love the appliquéd flower. Have a great week. Deb x

  2. Ooooo, looking very lovely! I love the ribbon stem, looking forward to seeing more! Chrissie x

  3. It most certainly looks like a wonderful project and gorgeous quilt. I always think that these projects that take years are so much more special when they are done as they carry memories of a small 'lifetime'. Looking forward to seeing your progress with this. Ps also interested by today's post, looks great! xo

  4. Dear leeanne
    This is looking really lovely. Stitching Sunday will be a great way for you to finish this beautiful quilt.
    Best wishes

  5. Oh that is one beautiful quilt you have in the making - the stitchalong will be wonderful encouragement for you to move it along a bit further!
    You have a very interesting blog here Leeanne, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it - I'm about to join as a follower. And by the way, I just love your sweet fat cat - how cute is he/she!
    All the best with the stitchalong!
    Joy x

  6. Wow that's a gorgeous quilt, you making I love the flowers.
    Clare x

  7. Well done, skattie - it looks fab! Is this the girl's quilt for her new room? Xx

  8. nooooo sadly this is the one for her current room which has never been finished :-( Doesn't really bode well for the new one does it??!


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